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Thursday, April 12, 2012

The 90's Line

Ellow again..

Now then I have something to say after a few times I'm blogging. There are topics that I would like to discuss about, after quite some time. BTW, let's just enjoy what have I prepared for the post.

Ever since idol generations takes place in Korea, there are times when younger generations will replace the older one. Basically, nowadays the debut age for the idols have become younger compared to before. Therefore, there is a time when idols born in 1990's have made their debut in the industry, beginning at early 2000's. Since then, many 1990's children make their presence, until now.

Several years later, these 90's generation idol have made noticeable impacts in the industry, and this idols are now likeable and lovable by Korean citizen somehow. The question is, which idol now considered the most successive, consistent, and of course lovable by others? What about the non-idol artist? Would they also give impacts in the industry?

Well, this is my ranking, but you may make it as reference of even disagree with it. So, why don't you take a look?? I reveal to you, my Top 30 Artist Born in 1990 and Beyond [since Korean regards early 90's born (1990 before Lunar New Year) as in 1989 line, well I just make the ranking based on their actual birth in calendar). 

30. Minzy

Real Name : Gong Minji
Date of Birth : January 18, 1994 
Profession : Singer - 2NE1
Debut Year : 2009

The maknae of 2NE1 is well-known for her sleek dancing, as well as her strong, powerful personality. Debuted at the age of 15, she gradually make impact in the industry, as her group's first EP, "I Don't Care" manage to grab Song of the Year award and Rookie of the Year award from 2009 Melon Music Award. First discover by YG CEO Yang Hyun Suk through YouTube video that went viral, she will be the one to watch, as she rarely seen outside group activities, apart from appearing in SBS "Strong Heart".

29. Minhyuk

Real Name : Kang Minhyuk
Date of Birth : June 28, 1991
Profession : Singer - CNBlue
Debut Year : 2010

This CNBlue drummer made impression of the viewers as his "kkotminam" (beautiful man) charm melts even older woman. Now venturing into acting business after some spells in SBS "It's Okay, Daddy's Girl", MBC "Heartstring" and currently airing KBS "My Husband Got a Family". More to come from him so stay tune to his development.

28. Taemin

Real Name : Lee Taemin
Date of Birth : July 18, 1993
Profession : Singer - SHINee
Debut Year : 2008

This SHINee's maknae have something hidden: he can be more beautiful that a girl! Girl idols, beware of him, as he will make even man flutter! He also a very good dancer which makes him one of a kind; with his paradox characteristics, he managed to charm others with his skills. Currently joining KBS "Immortal Song : Singing The Legend", his vocal should manage to waver women's heart through his serenade. While SHINee now globally recognised after held concerts in Abbey Road Studios, London and Madison Square Garden, New York, he still has something to prove for.

27. Hyorin

Real Name : Kim Hyojung
Date of Birth : January 11, 1991
Profession : Singer - SISTAR
Debut Year : 2010

Leader, lead dancer and main vocalist of SISTAR, she has a powerful voice, even nicknamed "Korean Beyonce". Her charismatic character, along with already powerful voices makes her one to avoid competing during singing competition, as proven in KBS "Immortal Song : Singing The Legends". She just recently finished filming KBS drama "Dream High 2", expanding herself into acting field. She is worth liking for, expecting more from her in the next years to come.

26. Sunhwa

Real Name : Han Sunhwa
Date of Birth : October 6, 1990
Profession : Singer - SECRET
Debut Year : 2009

She first appear in television during Mnet documentary "Secret Story" featuring all of group members, but not until she joined KBS "Invincible Youth" that she was being noticed. In the show, alongside SNSD Yuri and Sunny, as well as KARA Goo Hara and 4minute Hyuna, she started to become household name, thanks to the appearance in the show. She now occasionally associated with MBC show "We Got Married", proving that she now has widely recognised by her fans. SECRET's triple crown winning in KBS Music proves that her, alongside her group members is slowly progressing in the industry.

25. Nicole

Real Name : Jung Yong Joo
Date of Birth : October 7, 1991
Profession : Singer - KARA
Debut Year : 2007

Group's maknae before inclusion of Goo Hara and Kang Jiyoung, Nicole was in charge of dance in her group. Her cute image as well as her awkward pronunciation in Korean makes her loved by many people. She has also appeared in a segment in KBS "Star Golden Bell" before parting ways late 2009. Despite internal crisis in KARA, the group still survived and gained fame in Japan through their single such as Jet Coaster Love, Go Go Summer and Jumping, and she definitely playing a crucial role in her group's success.

24. Kang Sora

Real Name : Kang Sora
Date of Birth : February 18, 1990
Profession : Actress
Debut Year : 2009

Debut through movie in "4th Period Murder Mystery", her next movie "Sunny" shot her to fame. Gaining more than 7 million viewers, Sunny really brings her into the spotlight. Now just finish filming "Dream High 2" and currently shooting We Got Married with Super Junior Leeteuk, she should be the actress to watch for.

23. Thunder

Real Name : Park Sang Hyun
Date of Birth : October 7, 1990
Profession : Singer - MBLAQ
Debut Year : 2009

Younger brother to 2NE1 member Sandara Park, he reportedly joined MBLAQ 15 days before the group's debut. As a rapper of the group, he is also an acquaintance to nation's little sister IU, having trained together in LOEN Entertainment before entering audition in J.Tune and joined MBLAQ. He appear reserved during variety show, but he still has some loyal fans behind him.

22. Yoseob

Real Name : Yang Yoseob
Date of Birth : January 5 1990
Profession : Singer - B2ST/Beast
Debut Year : 2009

The main vocalist of Beast, he is immediately gaining interest with his cute personality and lovable antics. As his group now has become popular, he is also now being noticed in the industry. Have several variety shows in his sleeves, people are keep looking to his bubbly appearance in television, as well during performance in group.

21. Jinwoon

Real Name : Jung Jinwoon
Date of Birth : May 2, 1991
Profession : Singer - 2AM
Debut Year : 2008

Another beautiful man in the list. Jinwoon was in JYPE reality show, Mnet "Hot Blood" as a contestant in upcoming JYP boyband, but eliminated in final selection. However, problem arises in the making of the group led to the call up by Park Jin Young (JYP founder) to join the group 2AM, part of their whole group of Hot Blood, alongside 2PM. He appeared in some shows, including Mnet "Maknae Rebellion" and MBC "We Got Married" as host. Currently finished filming "Dream High 2", alongside Kang Sora.

20. Kang Minkyung


Real Name : Kang Minkyung
Date of Birth : August 3, 1990
Profession : Singer - Davichi
Debut Year : 2008

Debuted with Lee Haeri, forming duo group Davichi, she was formally an internet ulzzang (beauty sensation) during her schooldays, and a childhood friend with famous actor Lee Minho. Lately, she appears in several shows such as KBS "Immortal Song : Singing The Legend", as well as guest in a few programs. More than that, she was also acted in drama, SBS "Smile, Mom", as well as MBN "Vampire Idol". Her involvement in various medium of entertainment make her one worth loving for.

19. Kim Yoo Jung

Real Name : Kim Yoo Jung
Date of Birth : September 22, 1999
Profession : Actress
Debut Year : 2004

Possibly the youngest in this list, she has already make names in some popular drama like SBS "Iljimae", MBC "Queen Seonduk", MBC "Flames of Ambition" and most recently, the national 'syndrome' drama, MBC "The Moon That Embraces The Sun". At a tender age of 13, she still have large room of improvement, and people are expecting the best is yet to come for her, as she debuted at age 5, and still developing.

18. Sohee

Real Name : Ahn So Hee
Date of Birth : June 27, 1992
Profession : Singer - Wonder Girls
Debut Year : 2007

The "image" of Wonder Girls, Sohee debuted at the age of 15, making her one of the youngest idols ever debuted at that time. Besides Wonder Girls' leader, Sunye, her existence in the group is also give impact as well. Well known as 'Mandu' (Dumpling) face beauty, her exotic cuteness makes her charming and attracting much of male fans out there. Several years outside Korea for American advancement, her charm still goes on, attracting more people to her.

17. Krystal

Real Name : Jung Soo Jung
Date of Birth : October 24, 1994
Profession : Singer - f(x)
Debut Year : 2009

Prior to debut, she landed in various CF for online shopping mall, as well as appearing in some music videos such as Shinhwa's "Wedding March" and SHINee's "Juliette". When she was 5, she was spotted by SM Entertainment, prompting the company to offer her as a trainee there, but due to her young age, her parents decline. Instead, her sister Jessica is allowed to, and now part of world-renowned Girls' Generation. Her chic personality, as well as he strong image makes her one of the lovable prospect in the industry. She is now finished filming MBC drama, "High Kick 3 : The Revenge of the Short Legged".

16. Seohyun

Real Name : Seo Joo Hyun
Date of Birth : June 28, 1991
Profession : Singer - SNSD/Girls' Generation
Debut Year : 2007

The maknae of the group, Seohyun is known with her awkward personality, as well as her upright and charming character. Being the youngest does not mean she can be the most mature among SNSD menbers, and that makes her very well known among fans. Joined MBC "We Got Married" not long ago with Jung Yonghwa, she started to shown characters that not shown before. During the show aired, she started to gain popularity through her modest and demure personality, making her a 'mother's friend's daughter' (a term coined to say that the neighbour's child is better than their own child). She is worth liking for as a fan, so be sure to watch her in the next years.

15. Shin Se Kyung

Real Name : Shin Se Kyung
Date of Birth : July 29, 1990
Profession : Actress
Debut Year : 2004

Shin Se Kyung rises to fame when she starred as lead role in MBC "High Kick to the Roof", alongside Daniel Choi. Having past the relationship with SHINee member Jonghyun, she is now one of the prominent actress in Korea, acting in dramas MBC "Queen Seonduk" and and SBS "Deep Rooted Tree", as well as movies like "My Little Bride", "Cinderella" and "Hindsight". Currently filming for SBS drama "Fashion King" alongside Yoo Ah In, Lee Je Hoon and SNSD Yuri, she will be the one that will rise to stardom sooner or later.

14. Kang Jiyoung

Real Name : Kang Jiyoung
Date of Birth : January 18, 1994
Profession : Singer - KARA
Debut Year : 2008

Debuts as addition to the girl group, Kang Jiyoung has gather much fans locally and globally. The youngest idol to debut for almost 2 years until the emergence of idol group f(x), where Krystal is the youngest, people have seen her growth and development form her debut age until now. Just finishing high school this years, there are still more coming to her after. Along with KARA which gained so much popularity in Japan, she will have much opportunity waiting for her.

13. Goo Hara

Real Name : Goo Hara
Date of Birth : January 13, 1991
Profession : Singer - KARA
Debut Year : 2008

Along with Kang Jiyoung, Goo Hara is also added to complete the group, which is at that time lost a member due to parental cause. They together make KARA become famous until now, along with the original members. Her warm personality, as well as her bubbly character, make her easy to approach and as well, gaining fans. The tragedy at her first performance in public broadcast might not as well affect her reach to stardom. She also acts in one of most anticipated drama in 2011, SBS "City Hunter", starring Lee Minho and Park Min Young. Now an item with B2ST's Yong Jun Hyung, her future is as well waiting for her to shine, along with her strong, powerful dance skills.

12. Hyuna

Real Name : Kim Hyun Ah
Date of Birth : June 6, 1992
Profession : Singer - 4minute
Debut Year : 2007

Possibly the most 'dangerous' idol, her strong, sensuous and sexy personality pitted her as the next sexy dance queen, Lee Hyori. Formerly debuted as part of the world-known Wonder Girls, she steps down from the group, citing health problems and parental concern as her reason. Now debuting under 4minute, she instantly make impression to people with her strong and provocative appearance, but hidden under her was her innocent charm, which attracts more people to like her. She was arguably the best female dancer in idol line, she might as well worth to watch for.

11. Lizzy

Real Name : Park Soo Young
Date of Birth : July 31, 1992
Profession : Singer - After School
Debut Year : 2010

One of After School's addition from their graduation's system, Lizzy quickly giving impact from all around her. Her Gyeongsang dialect (a region in Korea when Busan is its largest city) quickly gaining attention as she looks friendly and easy to reach out, adding to her funny personality. She was also acted in MBC sitcom, "All My Love". Now co-hosting MBC "We Got Married", as well as formerly join SBS's most hit variety show, "Running Man", Lizzy will continue to bring happiness around her with her cute country girl character.

10. Minho

Real Name : Choi Minho
Date of Birth : December 9 1991
Profession : Singer - SHINee
Debut Year : 2008

He is arguably the most good looking male idol, with his trademark "flaming charisma", melting many women, even nicknamed "Older Women's Killer", as many older women would choose him as her ideal man. As well as his group's rapper, dancer and sub-vocalist, he also acts in dramas & music videos, models in various CFs, becoming host in numerous shows, and even joined variety shows. As SHINee now advancing to Japan and Europe, he has popular in his hand, gaining fans internationally. He can be considered in his prime, but still can go further than that.

9. Sulli

Real Name : Choi Jinri
Date of Birth : March 29, 1994
Profession : Singer - f(x)
Debut Year : 2004

Before she debuts as an idol group member, she have an outstanding resume, as a child actress. Acting in first drama, SBS "Ballad of Seo Dong", included in her list are SBS "Love Needs a Miracle" and recently a cameo in SBS "Oh My Lady" with her labelmate, Super Junior Choi Siwon, also acting as young Ha Jiwon's character in BA:BO. Together with her 'One Million Smile', she also receive many 'love calls' for CF, among them for EA Sports FIFA Online, making her one of the 'blue chips' in the industry. She is also called 'Giant Baby', as she stands the tallest among girl idols, at 173cm. I would love to wait for her progress in the industry, and so do your, I expect.

8. Yoo Seung Ho

Real Name : Yoo Seung Ho
Date of Birth : August 17, 1993
Profession : Actor
Debut Year : 2000

As young as 7 years old, he already act as child actor. Twelve years later, he can be proud as he has numerous hits under him. Just name it; dramas : KBS's "Sad Love Story", MBC's "Queen Seonduk" and SBS's "Warrior Baek Dong Soo", or movies : "Don't Tell Papa", "4th Period Murder Mystery" and "Blind", all become instant hits under him. Kissing with girl : T-ara Jiyeon, After School UEE, Kang Sora, & Park Eun Bin under his belts. Singing : Duet with IU for a theme song. Conclusion : There is no actor that can exceed an 'idol-burst' popularity like him, thanks to his handsome face as well as his acting prowess. And all but there is still a lot to come from him.

7. Kikwang

Real Name : Lee Kikwang 
Date of Birth : March 30, 1990
Profession : Singer - B2ST/Beast
Debut Year : 2009

He can sing. He can dance. He can act. He can host. He can pull out humour. What else you can hope from him? Everything he has already done. Gaining famous? He already did. After a disappointing solo debut using the name AJ (Ace Junior), he was inserted in CUBE Entertainment's new project, debuting as a member of now globally-recognised B2ST. Besides that, he also acted in MBC popular sitcom, "High Kick to the Roof", as well as MBC "My Princess". Acknowledge as one of the best dancer, he also appeared in a few variety shows, such as MBC' "Hot Brother". Certainly, debuting with B2ST gives luck to him. He also host SBS "Inkigayo" and KBS "Win Win", adding his experience to his career. He has the capability to shine in the entertainment industry for a long time, thanks to his talent and effort.

6. Suzy

Real Name : Bae Suji
Date of Birth : October 10, 1994
Profession : Singer - miss A
Debut Year : 2010

Who doesn't know miss A's maknae, Suzy? Casted by JYP scout during Mnet "Superstar K" audition, she immediately been noticed by others with her demure, bubbly and cute personality, even some male idols are falling into her. Name it : B2ST Yoseob, Kim Soo Hyun, UKISS Dongho, FT Island Lee Jaejin, MBLAQ Mir, Infinite's L (just to name a few). She also acted in Dream High, which is a hit in television, and in a movie "Introduction to Architecture", which now gains as many viewers in cinema. In whatever she joins, she will always modest and demure, which attracts many fans to like him, even the uncles. She will have much to show after this, so just watch out for her transformation to come in the future.

5. Jiyeon

Real Name : Park Jiyeon
Date of Birth : Jun 7, 1993
Profession : Singer - T-ara
Debut Year : 2009

She initially trained to be an actress along with T-ara Eunjung, but things change when both decided to switch over to singing despite their initial intention. She was featured in several endorsement, along them are with SHINee for SMART. She is one of the idol who managed to gain critically acclaimed recognition in singing career, as well in acting scenes. She has successful debut with T-ara, now advancing into Japanese market, as well as acting in several teenage drama like KBS "God of Study" with Yoo Seung Ho, KBS "Jungle High 2" along with MBLAQ Lee Joon, which draw positive response form drama critics. She also starred in Korean summer ghost movie "Death Bell 2" with rating king Yoon Shi Yoon and co-star in Good of Study, Kim Soo Ro.

4. Lee Hongki

Real Name : Lee Hongki
Date of Birth : March 3, 1990
Profession : Singer - FTIsland
Debut Year: 2002

He was a successful child actor during his child days. Now, he is a successful singer, standing tall as his voice is critically recognised as 'powerful and versatile'. He starts acting in 2002, when he was given role in KBS "Magic Kid Masuri" as Masuri's friend. It was not until 2005 when he was acted in EBS "Kangsooni" and participated in the drama's OST. His powerful voice has made him become man in interest, as all big companies are trying to sign him as trainee, and eventually debut as a singer. In 2007, finally he debuts as lead singer for the Korea's first ever band idol, FT Island. Their songs become hit everytime they released, and became the most searched song in karaoke centre. Even so, his talent in acting never be wasted. He stars in 2009 mega-hit drama, SBS "You're Beautiful", acting as a drummer in a music-related drama. Now, he still has it, the fame around him, and he was one of the leaders in Hallyu Wave movement, an expansion of Korean culture globally. He managed to hold his fame until now, and still at the age of 22, the best is still yet to come.

3. Yoona

Real Name : Im Yoona
Date of Birth : May 30, 1990
Profession : Singer - SNSD/Girls Generation
Debut Year : 2007

Casted during SM's Saturday Open Casting Audition, she began training with SM Entertainment for 5 years until offered acting in her first drama, MBC "9 Ends, 2 Outs", then debuted as the first member of SNSD, the most successful idol girl group ever in Korea until now. After a stellar success in Korea, dubbing SNSD as "Korea's Representative", Yoona also have recognition in acting. She was awarded Best New Actress in 45th Baeksang Arts Award, as well as KBS Drama Awards, thanks to her superb acting in KBS "You Are My Destiny". Also called "Deer Yoona" as she has deer-like appearance, she now shines, and might as well maintains her stellar popularity in years' time. 

2. IU

Real Name : Lee Jieun
Date of Birth : May 16, 1993
Profession : Singer-songwriter
Debut Year : 2008

No words can explain these talent. She is exceptional. She is phenomenal. But her debut was a failure though, as nobody watches over her singing. Still, some are surprised on how matured her voice was, at the age of 15. But at the age of 18, she recorded total income for the last quarter of 2011 at $6 million USD, an overwhelming revenue for such a young girl. All of her album songs were charted in Top 10 in various digital and real-time chart. Her OST songs for dramas and variety shows are also charted well. Her fan, mostly form middle age citizen, are now increasing rapidly, giving her title "The President of IU and her Uncles". More than that, many idols have stated her as an ideal type girl: Super Junior Eunhyuk, 2PM Wooyoung, and the man she has crush and fangirling for, BIGBANG Taeyang. Her cute and lovely personality earning her title "national little sister", and sometimes her clumsiness make others take more care on her. Everyday she appears in news, telling about what's up on her. She can now be glad about her instant success, but one thing that is sure; we are waiting for what's next from her, now at 19.

1. Seungri 

Real Name : Lee Seunghyun
Date of Birth : December 12, 1990
Profession : Singer - BIGBANG
Debut Year : 2006

One of the oldest idol group member, it is amazing how BIGBANG can survive the idol group disbandment, after a long 7 years promoting. There are few incidents regarding the group that waver the group's stability, but they still standing tall, now their music videos even featured in MTV. And Seungri did an equal amount to stabilise the group. Usually called as the troublemaker of the group, due to his mischievous side, but he still standing tall, avoiding his group from drowning into '5 years curse', a curse pertaining to idols' 5 years lasting time. Now BIGBANG is still standing tall, even won MTV Worldwide award, which include Britney Spears in the nomination. For about 7 years, he still withstand the challenge, and hope that this will remain as long as he can. For his endurance to withstand turbulent times in entertainment industry, he is in number one of the list.

[p/s: This is my list, so what about you? If you ever stumbled upon this post, please do comment. My appreciation to all of source that I've search to complete this post, I take about 12 hours just finishing it. Too slow, right?? Ok, see you, till then we will meet again...]   

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